Dental Cleanings and Exams

Dental Cleanings and Exams

At Todays Dentistry, we recommend regular dental cleanings and exams to keep your teeth and gums in excellent health. Checkups help detect the early signs of dental problems. Detecting problems during an earlier and more manageable stage helps you avoid tooth decay, advanced gum disease and more complex procedures.

A dental examination every six months is usually recommended. Patients that are prone to cavities or plaque buildup may need to visit more often. Smokers, diabetics, patients with weak immune response to infection, and those with gum disease may also need more frequent checkups.

Your dentist is the best person to determine the right dental checkup and cleaning schedule for your teeth.

Dental exams typically include professional teeth cleaning which effectively removes stains as well as plaque and tartar along the gum line. Your dentist will also check your gums.

Your dentist in Topeka emphasizes the importance of preventive care so you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums for life. Our preventive dental services include professional teeth cleaning, checkups, gum and bite evaluation, exams (digital X-rays and imaging), cavity prevention with sealants and fluoride and pediatric dental care.

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